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Mark Sekree Posted:
5 years, 326 days ago (February 26th 2013)

Financial Advice

My favourite economic theory?

Despite the name ‘The Life-Cycle Permanent Income Hypothesis’ was my favourite economic theory as a student.

It basically says that you’re best off trying to smooth out what you spend, based on what you expect to earn over your life. This means spending more than you earn when you’re young, or old, and not earning much.

This is 100% foolproof academic evidence that you need to take out student loans, overdrafts, car loans, travel loans and the rest when you’re young and broke- it’s easy to see why it was my favourite theory! There’s no need to beat yourself up about it, done right it’s the sensible thing to do.

However it also shows that you need to spend less than you earn when you start earning more- paying back those loans and saving up for retirement and other times your income might dip from the norm.

Until recently accessing easy loans has been far easier than accessing easy investments. EZ ISA helps reverse that trend by making it just as easy for you to save and invest when you need to as borrow when you have to.


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