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Where is EZ ISA?
We’re based in Ramsbottom, UK

Mark Sekree Posted:
5 years, 208 days ago (June 24th 2013)

Adventure ISA

A Spaceman ISA?


The idea for EZ ISA was born when a friend of mine called me up and told me he wanted to go into space! He loves astronomy, space and adventure and while he realised he’s unlikely to actually go into space he had found he could come close to the feeling with a ‘Zero G’ flight.

This was something on his ‘absolutely must do’ list, but at about £4,000 he knew he was unlikely to ever be able to afford it without planning. However he knew that he could put away £100pm and when he hit the magic number he could just go with no financial concern. The investment he wanted was something really simple and accessible at any time, with a chance of getting some good growth to make the dream come true quicker.

EZ ISA with its simple regular savings feature was born for him, and everyone else saving for something important.

Get in touch to start saving for your dream, whatever it is.

Mark Sekree Posted:
5 years, 213 days ago (June 19th 2013)

Adventure ISA

ISA Bungy

ISA Bungy


While I was in South Africa recently I had the chance to launch myself into a 210m abyss at one of the world’s highest bungy sites. I’m not a big fan of heights, but am a big fan of thrills and challenges and free falling silently into a beautiful valley to be gently caught, rescued and returned to the world by a bungy chord could not be resisted.

For me my EZ ISA fund is analogous to the bungy chord. What would be terrifying, and lethal, without it- like being stuck on the other side of the world with no income- becomes fun with the security of knowing that I’ll be cushioned by the savings I’ve built up and can get my hands on at any time.

To start on your own bungy chord get in touch.



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