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Where is EZ ISA?
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Mark Sekree Posted:
4 years, 347 days ago (February 5th 2014)

EZ ISA Evolution

A catch up



Apologies for neglecting my blogging duties of late, but the adventures have overrun blogs from summer until now! It’s been a year packed with music festivals (including this year’s vintage Glastonbury), a late summer trip to Italy and Croatia, a Christmas trip to the Philippines, a quick visit to Austin to see my brother married and even time to fall thoroughly in love.

Personal life aside EZ ISA has been picking up some excellent ratings on the financial adviser review site ‘Vouched For’- thanks to everyone who has rated me. This lead to EZ ISA being listed in The Times as a top 200 Financial Adviser and it’s great to have that recognition.

The SEI funds have also continued to perform well averaging about 4%, 7% and 10%pa over the three years they’ve been running for the lower, medium and higher risk funds which I’m very pleased with indeed.

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