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Mark Sekree Posted:
1 year, 338 days ago (February 13th 2017)

Investing- as simple as spuds

Investing can seem very complicated but an easy way to picture it is like so…

If you have a potato you can eat it in all sorts of tasty ways but once it’s gone, it’s gone.

If you take that potato and plant it carefully in the right soil and give it the right conditions and (importantly) time it will give you lots of potatoes to eat.

If you can resist their lure and take all those spuds and plant them out again and again you will soon have more potatoes than you know what to do with. You could be drowning in creamy mash and still have a patch of plants doing their thing.

Even if you know this you can only plant out those potatoes if you’re not starving hungry. If you’ve got some spare and can go without spuds for a while all this is possible. The more you have spare the more you can leave to grow.

Money is just the same. If you spend it, it’s gone. If you can leave some spare, tend it carefully and give it time it could grow to the point where you could have plenty to spend and plenty to still invest.

With both there is risk involved. If you eat your potato now at least you know where you stand. If you set it to grow it might just die and you’ll have nothing. This is why it’s important to ‘diversify’- plant several potatoes in different soil at different times knowing that some will do better than others but that they’re unlikely to all be wiped out. You also want to know that you’re not going to starve if your potatoes don’t grow well. Investment is the same, you want to spread your money over loads of types of investments all over the world if possible and think about what you could afford to lose.

Unfortunately where this analogy falls down is with the timescales. While I’m reliably informed (by Google) that you might hope to multiply your first potato in a matter of months an investment is likely to take decades to multiply. But decades pass surprisingly quickly and I’ve seen clients go from fairly modest levels of wealth twenty years ago to significant levels now, and one thing is certain- if you never plant anything you’ll never have anything grow.

Where the analogy definitely holds though is that it helps to know what you’re doing. We’re not all professional farmers or investors which is where EZ ISA comes in. EZ ISA has selected a team of world-class experts to give you the very best chance of growth without getting your hands dirty.


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