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How EZ ISA Compares

Where is EZ ISA?
We’re based in Ramsbottom, UK

EZ ISA has been designed to be the ideal solution for those just starting to invest, or those too busy to manage their portfolio. It offers excellent value, ease of use and high quality investment management.

To make your comparison easy too this page shows your major options and how EZ ISA compares.

Option Costs Investment Management Other
EZ ISA 0% initial; 1.6%-1.9%pa on SEI Portfolios SEI portfolios actively and expertly invested along with billions of pounds Friendly personal service from an expert
Financial Advisers (independent and banks) Up to 5% initial (typically 2-3%); Up to 2.5%pa Taken care of for you but varies with expertise Tailored personal service but normally £50k minimum investment
Other 'execution only' brokers Normally 0% initial; 0.25%-2.5%pa (some can offer discounts which will make them cheaper than EZ ISA) Must manage your own portfolio Service varies
Nutmeg 0% initial; 0.6%-1.5%pa Extensive use of cheap 'passive' investments; limited investment expertise Can only withdraw every 2 weeks
DIY stocks and shares portfolio Can be extremely low Depends entirely on your skill and luck Can be very interesting and rewarding but can be stressful and time consuming

All the options have their pros and cons and generally doing something is much better than doing nothing at all.

Get in touch to talk them all through honestly or get started now.

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