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How It Started

Where is EZ ISA?
We’re based in Ramsbottom, UK

How It Started

EZ ISA was started in 2011 by me, Mark Sekree.

As a young financial adviser I recognized more than most how hard it was for my peers to start investing. Most financial planners had been forced by reducing costs and increasing regulation to work exclusively with larger investors; even most of the banks have now closed their doors to customers unless they have at least £50,000 to invest.

So easy my mum could use it

While there were some good online investment options most of them required you to know what you are doing. My test for EZ ISA has always been an investment service so easy to understand and set up that my mum could happily use it.

This means that everything is simply explained with some easy choices to make, the application process is very simple and I am available to anyone on the phone or by email to answer any questions.

Hassle free investments

It also means that the investments had to take care of themselves, which is why I teamed up with SEI to handle my customers’ investments alongside £100 billion they already manage. I know with the best will in the world very few people ever take the time to review their investment portfolios, certainly not as much as they should in these days of change.

With SEI I can be confident that experts I trust, with a proven track record, are continuously monitoring and optimizing the investments leaving EZ ISA users free to get on with more interesting things!

See the Applying section to get going.

Mark Sekree

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