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Starting your investment is EZ with help from Mark

Where is EZ ISA?
We’re based in Ramsbottom, UK


Applying for your ISA couldn’t be easier- you can either set the account up online or over the phone with me.

With either option you will need your National Insurance number to hand and a debit card registered to your home address.

Before applying please see the important small print and save the information about EZ ISA, Cofunds and the investments.

Apply Online

To apply online simply complete this secure form and your investment will be set up the next working day.


This takes a minimum of five minutes but I’m happy to chat for as long as you like and answer any questions you have- most people have a few.

You can try calling me any time on 07983769606 but to make sure I’m available it’s best to email me first to arrange a time.


After you have invested

View Your Investments Online

Once you have invested you will be sent confirmation in the post and by email. This will have your ‘Client Reference Number’ on it and you can use this to register to view your investments online here. Once registered you will be posted an initial password which you can use to login.

Annual Statements

You will be posted an annual investment statement to see how your money is doing anyway, and you can contact me anytime to ask any questions or add/withdraw money.

Continuous Management

The investments will be taken care of by SEI and will adhere to your chosen risk level without you having to do anything at all. You can check this page on the website to see the latest graphs and performance information.


It is simple to withdraw all or part of your money whenever you wish totally free of charges or dealing costs.

For security reasons Cofunds require your original signature on a letter before returning your money. While there is no ‘notice period’ as such by the time Cofunds receive your instruction, sell your funds and transfer the money to  your bank account it can take up to 10 working days.

Withdrawal Request Letter

The funds can be transferred directly into your bank account but I need to verify that it belongs to you so please contact me to arrange this.

Mark Sekree

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