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The Small Print

Where is EZ ISA?
We’re based in Ramsbottom, UK

The Service

EZ ISA is an ‘execution only’ service. We can only offer you information and nothing on the site should be seen as giving you advice as to what is a suitable investment for you- you must decide this for yourself based on the information provided and your knowledge of your circumstances.

All investments available through EZ ISA will rise and fall in value, even the lower risk ones, and you may receive back less than you originally invest.

The SEI portfolios are examples of lower risk, medium risk and higher risk investments available. Many other funds are available and you must decide for yourself which are most suitable.

For a fully advised service please see our 3-S Financial Management site.

Terms and Conditions

There are three levels of terms and conditions.

Firstly from EZ ISA, which is a ‘trading style’ of 3-S Financial Management. We are fully authorized and regulated by the FCA and carry full professional indemnity insurance to cover all business we undertake.

You should download our ‘Initial Disclosure Document’ and ‘Terms of Business’ here.

Secondly from Cofunds who administer your your investments. They allow you to purchase investments at a low cost, make sure your money is kept secure and send you statements. You should always send any money to Cofunds, not to EZ ISA.

You can download their Platform Key Information Document here.

And their Terms and Conditions here.

Thirdly your money is actually invested by SEI and their official disclosure documents are known as Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs).

The lower risk ‘Conservative’ fund KIID is here.

The medium risk ‘Core’ fund KIID here.

And the higher risk ‘Growth’ fund KIID is here.


Until recently costs used to be ‘bundled’ together in one ‘Annual Management Charge’. All the fund growth was shown after this charge was taken into account; this kept things blissfully simple but lacked transparency.

Now the charges are separated out, this is known as ‘unbundled’ charging.

EZ ISA charges 0.5% of the value of your investment each year. This is calculated and paid on a monthly basis by Cofunds automatically. This is EZ ISA’s only remuneration (there is no commission or other incentives paid). In order to authorise this you need to sign and scan back the last page of our Terms of Business (which we will also email you).

Cofunds charges 0.29%pa of the value of your investment each year, again calculated automatically and paid to Cofunds on a monthly basis.

Both the above charges are termed ‘explicit’ charges- you will see money being taken from your account each month to pay for them.

If you do not have any cash in your investment account (which is normally the case) Cofunds will automatically sell a small amount of your investment to pay the charges- this is known as a Sale for Regular Payment.

Finally all investments carry ‘implicit’ charges- you don’t see these but they will affect your fund’s performance. Each fund must tell you what their charge is (known as the Annual Management Charge (AMC)/Total Expense Ratio (TER)/Ongoing Charge). These range from about 0.2%pa at the very lowest to about 2%pa at the highest.

SEI’s funds sit in the middle:

Lower risk (conservative fund)- 0.87%pa

Medium risk (core fund)- 1.05%pa

Higher risk (growth fund)- 1.15%pa

While these are not the cheapest funds out there I believe them to be the best value.


If you are at all uncertain and would like to chat to someone please contact me, I would love to hear from you. Investing for the first time can be daunting but I use each of the organisations involved myself as they are each leaders in their field.


Now, back to Applying.

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