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Mark Sekree Posted:
5 years, 208 days ago (June 24th 2013)

Adventure ISA

A Spaceman ISA?


The idea for EZ ISA was born when a friend of mine called me up and told me he wanted to go into space! He loves astronomy, space and adventure and while he realised he’s unlikely to actually go into space he had found he could come close to the feeling with a ‘Zero G’ flight.

This was something on his ‘absolutely must do’ list, but at about £4,000 he knew he was unlikely to ever be able to afford it without planning. However he knew that he could put away £100pm and when he hit the magic number he could just go with no financial concern. The investment he wanted was something really simple and accessible at any time, with a chance of getting some good growth to make the dream come true quicker.

EZ ISA with its simple regular savings feature was born for him, and everyone else saving for something important.

Get in touch to start saving for your dream, whatever it is.

Mark Sekree Posted:
5 years, 213 days ago (June 19th 2013)

Adventure ISA

ISA Bungy

ISA Bungy


While I was in South Africa recently I had the chance to launch myself into a 210m abyss at one of the world’s highest bungy sites. I’m not a big fan of heights, but am a big fan of thrills and challenges and free falling silently into a beautiful valley to be gently caught, rescued and returned to the world by a bungy chord could not be resisted.

For me my EZ ISA fund is analogous to the bungy chord. What would be terrifying, and lethal, without it- like being stuck on the other side of the world with no income- becomes fun with the security of knowing that I’ll be cushioned by the savings I’ve built up and can get my hands on at any time.

To start on your own bungy chord get in touch.


Mark Sekree Posted:
5 years, 253 days ago (May 10th 2013)

Adventure ISA, Financial Advice

Risk, Reward and Expectations- Lessons from the Fast Lane

Motorbike speed   Damaged bike

Yesterday I realised a life-long ambition to ride a motorbike on a track, and went straight to the top on the wonderful Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit near London. In a blatant attempt to get some pretty motorbike pictures on the EZ ISA page I thought I’d write a post about it- but what angle? Of course being biking it has to be risk, but also reward and how expectations are crucial to both.

I had an amazing day, I have never experienced speed, power and control anything like it- that feeling of accelerating hard out of a corner, rising to Ferrari speeds with the engine screaming and nothing but some leather and a visor between me and the world was nothing short of magical. Definite reward then.

But the truth is I stacked it just before lunch. I shot a look at my speedo on the straight (stupid error), missed my braking point and couldn’t quite make it round the corner before running onto the gravel trap. Although my bike got patched up enough to go out in the afternoon and get home I’m sat here now with a sprained ankle, bruised rib and a several hundred pound repair bill to look forward to. It was a risk.

The point here though is about expectations. Am I pissed off? No, not really. I was fully aware of the risks when I signed up and I can’t really complain when they’ve come to pass. Did I think I was likely to be better off from taking that risk- absolutely. Am I better off now? Just about! Am I going to be better off in the future? I hope so, but I’m not sure- that’s the risk.

It’s very much like investing. If I choose a high risk investment I do it because I think I’m going to be better off overall. I expect there to be some short term pain and losses sometimes but won’t complain when there are because I’m expecting them, and hoping that taking that risk will bring me much greater wealth overall, even if I’m not certain about it.

I would be upset though if I had been taking a stroll in the country and picked up those injuries- the reward wouldn’t have been there, and neither would the expectation. That’s why it’s much worse when a low risk investment loses money, and we look to avoid that.

It’s also crucial to understand and control your risks when you take them. I protected myself with good quality gear and have only ridden anything like that on a track where there were only other riders around, run-off areas, medics and support crew and I was riding a bike that I could afford to damage. SEI, our investment guys, are experts at controlling risk while trying to get the greatest rewards on your behalf.

My last thought from all this is the risk of not taking any risk at all. This is the equivalent of staying in and watching TV, or ‘investing’ solely in cash, rather than going and doing something, anything. You’re never going to have anything particularly bad happen to you watching TV, and it will probably be passably pleasant, but doing that and nothing else is, to me, a certain fate much worse than most balanced risks you can take.


Mark Sekree Posted:
5 years, 296 days ago (March 28th 2013)

Adventure ISA

My New Adventure Tool

Is there anything more exciting to an overgrown boy than a new bike?

Having happily ridden the bike I’ve had since I was 14 around London last summer, but terminally buckled the rear wheel with a poorly-timed bunny-hop, I took it in for repairs last week and got significantly up-sold to a brand new racer/tourer! I’m thrilled at the prospect of a new form of high-speed transport and exercise, and can’t wait to don Lycra and go bashing about London, the south, and maybe even Europe or South America at some point.

There are a couple of financial lessons in this though. Firstly, quality is remembered long after price is forgotten- or buy cheap, buy twice. The bike from when I was 14 was the biggest financial commitment I had ever made at the time, was carefully bought second hand and loved. It wasn’t overly expensive but was good quality and almost 20 years later it’s still doing the job brilliantly. I’m expecting this new, slightly extravagant purchase to be exactly the same being top quality and carefully chosen, researched and negotiated (vs alternatives, buying online or second hand).

Secondly, the money was there. I’ve taken it out of my auto-budgeted ‘Toys and Travel’ account (for info about this see here). Equally I could have easily taken it out of my EZ ISA, with a few days’ notice and no withdrawal penalties.

Get in touch to set up an EZ ISA and get saving for whatever it is that you want.



Mark Sekree Posted:
5 years, 304 days ago (March 20th 2013)

Adventure ISA

Adventure ISA Posts

biking to San Fransisco

In an effort to make these blog items more interesting to you (and me!) I’m starting an ‘Adventure ISA’ category.

For me the whole reason I use my ISA is to tuck money away when I’ve got some spare to provide for adventures in the future. The end goal isn’t a fat investment portfolio, it’s a well-lived life.

Look out for posts about the end result of saving, for me and guest posters, as well as a few financial lessons sneaked in.

EZ ISA, with effortless investment management, low costs and flexible withdrawals is ideal for busy, ever-changing, well-lived lives.

For more info get in touch.

Mark Sekree Posted:
7 years, 7 days ago (January 12th 2012)

Adventure ISA

Why I save

Surfing Lanzarote

Surfing Lanzarote

I’ve just returned from a wonderful month away from it all, surfing on Lanzarote, determined to get even more people to save.

Without savings that kind of experience is not easily possible, but by tucking a bit of money away every month it was happily achievable without the stress of credit card bills when I returned.

Whether you save short term into a savings account, or longer term and invest the money through EZ ISA I’m sure you will be glad you did- I am.

Let me know at what you’re saving for, I’d love to know.


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