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Mark Sekree Posted:
4 years, 347 days ago (February 5th 2014)

EZ ISA Evolution

A catch up



Apologies for neglecting my blogging duties of late, but the adventures have overrun blogs from summer until now! It’s been a year packed with music festivals (including this year’s vintage Glastonbury), a late summer trip to Italy and Croatia, a Christmas trip to the Philippines, a quick visit to Austin to see my brother married and even time to fall thoroughly in love.

Personal life aside EZ ISA has been picking up some excellent ratings on the financial adviser review site ‘Vouched For’- thanks to everyone who has rated me. This lead to EZ ISA being listed in The Times as a top 200 Financial Adviser and it’s great to have that recognition.

The SEI funds have also continued to perform well averaging about 4%, 7% and 10%pa over the three years they’ve been running for the lower, medium and higher risk funds which I’m very pleased with indeed.

As usual get in touch to find out more or set up an account.


Mark Sekree Posted:
5 years, 263 days ago (April 30th 2013)

EZ ISA Evolution, Financial Advice

Pension or ISA? Check ‘Money to the Masses’

I’m delighted to have been asked to guest post on Damien’s excellent ‘Money to the Masses’ site about the interaction between Stocks and Shares ISAs and Pensions. Check out the article (it’s more interesting than it sounds!) and the site here.

Mark Sekree Posted:
5 years, 307 days ago (March 17th 2013)

EZ ISA Evolution

Still Great Value


RDR blackboard

Following the ‘Retail Distribution Review’ (RDR) which came in at the beginning of the year Cofunds have had to impose a £40pa fee on all advised accounts.

You’ll be pleased to hear that as ‘execution only’ customers EZ ISA clients don’t need to pay this fee.

While this is a relatively low charge for those with hundreds of thousands invested, for those just starting out it seems a lot. As we champion great value investments for all we are very pleased that you avoid this charge and have more money each year to grow.

Talk to Mark to find out more about how RDR does (or doesn’t) affect you or to set up an account.

Mark Sekree Posted:
6 years, 178 days ago (July 24th 2012)

EZ ISA Evolution

EZ ISA is Changing Flavour

EZ ISA’s been running for over a year now and I’d like to thank all my friends and clients for their support, feedback and help. I’m pleased you like the service as much as I do, and I’m very pleased that at the moment you’re all in profit!

Initially the idea was that the service was entirely web-based and as automated as possible but I’ve found that everyone has appreciated a guiding hand while setting up their investment, which I’m more than happy to give. Given this, and the expense of the online purchase facility from Cofunds, this feature has been turned off and I’ve become more hands-on. In future to make investments or switch you just need to contact me at with instructions. Of course everyone will still be able to login and see their investments, or give me a call to find out how they’re doing.

I hope this will bring me closer to investors, and that being available for one to one guidance on how to set up an account will be a useful feature for everyone.

Mark Sekree Posted:
6 years, 330 days ago (February 23rd 2012)

EZ ISA Evolution

EZ ISA in the News

The Financial Times’ ‘Financial Adviser’ newspaper has reported on our recent press launch.

They say:

Online ISA service makes saving easy

A financial planner has gone online to make it easier for investment clients to start up stocks and shares ISAs.

Mark Sekree, chartered financial planner for Hampshire-based 3-S Financial Management, said he launched EZ ISA to help make stocks and shares ISAs more accessible. He said: “While most clients know they should have some money invested, many do not know where to start. They normally know what level of risk they want to take but do not know how to achieve that, and do not want to be constantly worrying about and reviewing their portfolios.

“So why should the average investor spend time trying to do it themselves when experts can do it for them? That’s where EZ ISA comes into its own. Because everything is online, they can invest and check their investments whenever they like. At the same time customers are welcome to get help from the team at EZ ISA by email or phone.”

Investors using the site can place money through fund platform Cofunds into portfolios managed by specialist fund manager SEI.

Mr Sekree added: “Best of all there are no initial charges or exit penalties as 100 per cent of a saver’s money gets invested and you can take money out whenever you like.

“In these uncertain economic times, I believe EZ ISA’s monthly savings feature is really attractive too. Rather than invest a chunk of money at once, it is useful at the moment to invest a little bit at a time, to trickle money into the investments and average the buying price.

“To do this all clients need to do is set up a direct debit for what they want to save, let the experts do their thing and get on with their daily lives.”

Mark Sekree Posted:
7 years, 65 days ago (November 15th 2011)

EZ ISA Evolution

Welcome to the new site

For those of you who have been using EZ ISA for a while you have probably noticed a few changes with the site!

Thanks to the hard work of those at Remarkable, EZ ISA is now even easier to use and a more appealing place to visit. The site continues to prove that useful information and excellent investment doesn’t have to be dull or time time-consuming.

The ‘News’ section of the site will contain all these messages and build up a library of tips, information and encouragement for you to browse.



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