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Where is EZ ISA?
We’re based in Ramsbottom, UK

Cut through the jargon with our Glossary of terms

Cash return:

The interest you could hope to get from investing solely in cash. Cash is a low-risk investment option and usually generates the lowest investment returns over very long periods of time.

Chartered Financial Planning firm:

This status has been awarded by the Personal Finance Society to just 300 firms in the UK, in recognition of only the highest professional and ethical standards.


The investment platform chosen by EZ ISA. Cofunds is the largest independent investment platform in the UK with a 26 per cent market share and over £31 billion under administration. Cofunds was voted ‘Best Platform’ at the Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts Awards 2010. Visit the Cofunds website.


The Financial Services Authority, which is the government agency responsible for licensing and regulating all financial firms in the UK. Visit the FSA website.


Getting back more money than you started with, usually measured as a percentage per year (pa).


To apply money you already have accumulated to a range of investments in the hope of getting more money back.


A manager-of-managers process is one in which a single asset management firm is responsible for the portfolio structure, investment manager selection and the evaluation and replacement of managers within an investment portfolio. Unlike a traditional fund manager, a manager-of-managers selects other investment managers and gives them a portion of a portfolio to invest according to set specifications. A number of managers are then combined into one fund.


You can see exactly how much your investment is worth and how it is invested at any time.


Regularly put money away to grow; a great way to accumulate a nest egg to buy big things (home improvements, cars, holidays etc) or to fund your retirement.


The investment team hand-picked by EZ ISA. SEI has a 40-year track record and employs over 100 full-time investment professionals, who continuously analyse investments on your behalf and at your chosen level of risk to determine how to get the best returns. Visit the SEI website.

Short notice:

Money can be withdrawn from EZ ISA in around 8 business days. However we recommend you should maintain your investment for at least 5 years to help your investment performance average out any falls.


Larger than the historical average. In terms of investment, a ‘normal’ range is plus or minus 15% pa, however swings in excess of plus or minus 25% can and have happened with risky investments.


Not subject to any Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax. However money held in an ISA may be liable to Inheritance Tax when you die.

Tax year:

Each tax year in the UK runs from 6 April one year to 5 April the following year (e.g. 6 April 2010 to 5 April 2011).


The length of time you hold your investment. Short-term is considered less than 5 years, medium-term is 5-10 years and long-term is anything over 10 years.

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